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Atlantic Filmfestival, Kanada, Strategic Partners

Posted 21 September 2017
Four intensive days at FIN in Canada and meetings with potential partners, financiers, buyers, distributors and producers.

The purpose of the trip was to sell two long-film projects. Land of Wooden Gods and John Bauer The Mountain King. Both packaged in Draupner Film.

I made a lot of promising contacts. We will now see how it goes.

I was in Halifax 20 years ago and then met Mi'kmaq, North American indigenous people residing in Nova Scotia. At that time 1996 I wrote an idea for a TV series, "The Return of Glooscap".
I now mentioned it at this occassion and it got more attention than I espected. There were several people who would contribute on how it would be implemented. So we'll see.

The documentary about Erik Enby "The Doctor who refused to give up" may have received an extra shot.

What I also bring home was meetings with amazing and wonderful people.

Thank You All

Börje Peratt

Filmmaker and producer Börje Peratt

Posted 16 une 2017
My background is journalist / producer at Swedish Public Radio (SR) and director / producer at Swedish Public Television (SVT)  with a large number of series and short films.

In recent years, I've produced award winning " Bell & Real " and the feature long documentary "The Doctor that refused to give up" which turned out a block buster since the premiere on May 24, 2016. IMDb

The international interest has led to English subtitling and it will be presented at Nordic Panorama in September.

Dr Erik Enby has researched blood since the 1980s and has come up with a new view on how to "microscopate", analyze and treat blood in order to overcome infection and body fluids in imbalance. The doctor has treated thousands of patients whose health care has given up hope and a large majority of these have become better and many are completely healthy.

This has encountered a difficult resistance from some academics and authorities in a way that has succeeded in staging a ten-year witch process against the doctor. New facts about who are behind the hunt towards the doctor have led to the "requirement" of making a sequel "Judicial murder - The witness that disappeared" The project is in Michael Moore's spirit.

When I was asked to do the documentary about the doctor, I was already in preparation for a completely different feature about a famous Swedish artist, John Bauer who inspired Disney. I had been invited to St. Petersburg because part of the story is about a ballet by Bauer influenced by a renowned Russian choreographer. The movie about the doctor interrupted this project and now I want to reboot it.

The dramatic love story about Esther and John is so different and destructive. And in all this, Bauer's saga motive came to reflect their struggle for and against each other. They loved each other, were dependent on each other but failed to live together. When they were finally reconciled, mother nature would descide otherwise.

Börje Peratt

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The doctor who refused to give up on IMDb

Posted 5 May 2016
Now the film about the DR Erik Enby is done and also posted on the IMDb.
Congratulations to us!
Börje Peratt

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"The doctor who refused to give up" TV documentary under production

Posted 13 July 2015
TV Documentary about Dr. Erik Enby fighting for his medicine scientific discovery motivated by the sudden sicknes of his young true love. I chose to name it "The doctor who refused to give up." As usual, I wanted to get into a trailer quickly. A week's Crowdfunding gave the result that was required 10 000, - (SEK= 1 100 EURO).

Now the subtitled trailer is on Youtube.
Of course there is also the project on Facebook.
/ Börje Peratt

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The film about Elin Warner and her horse Guide on the way to festivals

Posted 4 May 2015
Under great pressure, we have succeeded in producing a high quality subtitlad version of the film 'Guide - the Love of a Horse ".
Lars af Sillén contributed to upload the subtitles. Mayne Sundvall-Hopkins and her husband David Hopkins helped to obtain a good English and Anders Dahl finally made sure to polish the details and get the films rendered to the screening copy. Now we keep our fingers crossed.
On the way to festivals

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Guide-The Love for a Horse Premiere St: Valentines Day

Posted 28 April 2015

Guide-The Love for a Horse first show at Danderyds Cinema in Stockholm Sweden.

Guide - The love for a horse, a documentary

Posted 8 December 2014

Last saturday dec 6th 2014 we had probably also the last filming day in this documentaryproject: Guide-The Love for a Horse

It was with a young girl lookalike Elin so we can add to Elin’s story with some pictures and flashbacks.

The premiere is scheduled to Valentine Day feb 14th 2015.

B. Peratt

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Danderyd art gallery's annual meeting

Posted 6 November 2014
I can with great pleasure and confidence conclude that the association "Network Danderyd Konsthall" taken off. The annual meeting was well attended and the board presented a well fed history and a visionary plan for the 2015th

link: Danderyd art gallery's annual meeting
Some background about my involvement in the association's formation here: LinkedIn

Borje Peratt

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Conference trip to Grand Rapids – Day 1

Posted 29 October 2014
Ritva and I made a trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States, 20 – 27 th October 2014 that was momentous and significant in many ways.

An extraordinary week long experience started of from a meeting 6 months ago at Tucson Airport. It is so special that it needs a diary telling all events in right order.

The trip had the ultimate aim of meeting Dr. Larry Dossey at Frederick Meijer Garden in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA 25 oktober 2014.
But before that we had some special encounters that we will treasure for life.
There are so many events that I need to brake them down into a diary.
Journey to Grand Rapids – Day 1

My ultimate plan is to create a new Conference that I call  "Holistic Science of Consiousness"

Börje Peratt LinkedIn

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Conference in US and meeting with Larry Dossey

Posted 28 October 2014

Ritva and I have been on "Universal Health Solutions" conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The trip was initiated by an invitation from Larry Dossey MD, researcher and author. The meeting with Dr. Dossey was the finale of a week of great generosity and exciting encounters.

We spent two days with a spiritual leader for the Native Americans. From there, I was told a prophecy of the thunder beings that I will write more about later her: On Origin of Consciousness

Borje Peratt, LinkedIn

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