A Documentary Feature Movie about Dr Erik Enby who never gives up on a patient and yet threatened by envy from collegue has sold out cinemas all over Sweden for over a year.

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"An Orson Wells of Documentaries, careful, objective, accurate and exciting!”

Professor Olle Johansson

The Story

about physician Erik Enby, known for having helped patients that orthodox medicine has abandoned as being hopeless. Dr Enby never gave up because he has a different view of the causes and treatment of disease which challenged the medical establishment. And one of the opponents instigated a 10 years witch hunt to crush Dr Enby.

Instead of investigative journalism, some of the major media seem to have collaborated to undermine Enby on false accusations. This is in violation of journalistic duty that should examine the power and authority which in this case proved to have manipulated and fabricated evidence against Dr. Enby.

The aim of the documentary is to investigate and establish proof of malpractice of any sort. The findings indicates that Dr Enby may have been the subject of an extensive plot.

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