Continues to investigate the plot against Dr Enby.

Sequel to The Doctor Who Refused to Give Up

…played to packed audiences across Sweden for over a year. Many left the cinema in anger and frustration at the treatment of Dr Enby. The Last Battle recounts the injustices perpetrated by the courts and authorities and is likely to have a similar effect on the audience. We follow Dr Erik Enby’s struggle to get his medical license back.

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"I think this may become a classic that initiates the beginning of the downfall of the pharmaceutical industry’s monopoly of medicine in Sweden. I truly hope so."

The Story

In the sequel, we examine how the injustice against Dr Enby occurred and how he appeals to the legal authorities to get back his medical licence. These appeals have all been rejected even though there is no proof of malpractice.
The courts even ignored the testimony of the only key witness, whose statements were manipulated and used as the bases for the charges against Dr Enby. This witness’ testimony should have seen all charges against Dr Enby of giving wrong advice or treatment being dismissed, leading to his name being cleared and to him getting back his medical license.

The Judgement

The latest ​judgement on Dr Enby’s​ ​a​ppeal declared him “obviously not suitable as a doctor.” This judgement is without acceptable legal ​validity​.

Dr ​Enby has now proceeded to the Supreme Administrative Court.

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